Sustainable Workplaces

Get Certified!

Are you curious about sustainable opportunities for your office or lab? Are you unsure what actions to take in your workplace for the biggest sustainable impact? The Sustainable Workplace Program is for you! These self-guided forms (one for offices and one for labs) will allow you to identify opportunities, benchmark against other workplaces, and connect to resources. We recently updated these programs to be more department driven and easier to update. 

Start by defining your workplace (an area that shares common areas and resources). It may include just one or all workspaces within a unit. All sizes are welcome to participate.

Next, complete an online self-assessment of your current workspace conditions and practices to the best of your ability. Please choose the assessment most relevant to your workplace:

Once submitted, an OCS staff member will work with you to assess next steps to achieving your sustainability rating.

Making your workplace more sustainable is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment and introduce colleagues to ways we can all be more sustainable in our daily lives.

This program will help you assess your current practices, identify targeted actions to improve your level of sustainability, and ultimately earn a rating (from Bronze to Platinum) and public recognition for your efforts!