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Featured Initiatives

waste bins

Know Where to Throw

Do you know what goes in each bin
at U-M? Find out!

LED Upgrades

Energy conservation projects are ramping up in our pursuit of carbon neutrality.

Climate Action Report

Check out the progress made so far.

icon of a bar chart


Visualize sustainability data with several new dashboards.

sun rising

Sustainable Grounds

Bees, goats, prairies, and fire: see how U-M manages land sustainably.

Why Composting Shouldn't Be Your First Choice

Composting is great! But there's more to it.

sustainability goals progress

As efforts toward university-wide carbon neutrality progress, U-M continues to work toward its 2025 Ann Arbor campus sustainability goals, established in 2011. OCS collaborates with units across U-M on efforts to reach these goals and is responsible for tracking and reporting progress.

GOAL: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
Achieved in 2022
GOAL: reduce vehicle carbon output per passenger trip by 30%
Reduction: 0% due to pandemic impact
GOAL: reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 40%
Reduction: 10%
GOAL: increase U-M food purchased from local and sustainable sources to 20%
Purchased: 19%
GOAL: reduce chemical applications to campus landscapes by 40%
Achieved in 2019