The Office of Campus Sustainability

What We Do

The Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) serves as a focal point for sustainable campus operations.

Our role is to:

  • Collaborate with academic and research units, auxiliary units, and student groups to pursue U-M’s Sustainability Goals
  • Track and report the progress toward these goals
  • Communicate with the campus and local community to engage staff, students and faculty

OCS is part of Planet Blue Campus, a university-wide initiative to promote sustainable operations and engagement.

We welcome everyone’s involvement in helping to make the campus where we live, work and play more sustainable.

Established in 2009, the Office of Campus Sustainability is a department of Facilities and Operations, the organization responsible for stewardship of the university’s physical properties.

OCS is a key player in an organizational framework designed to:

  • Inspire students, faculty, and staff to become involved in helping to solve the environmental sustainability issues facing the world we live in
  • Coordinate, facilitate and advance sustainability efforts in all areas of the university campus, including operations, academics, research, clinical, and athletics
  • Connect academic and operations activities to foster collaborative sustainability learning

At the heart of this organizational structure is a collaborative effort between the Office of Campus Sustainability and the Graham Sustainability Institute. Together, we work to advance sustainability at the university by connecting operational efforts to research and learning opportunities whenever possible and practical.

The OCS mission has four key components:

  • Work with U-M leadership to set goals and standards for sustainable operations on our campus. Work with the units across campus to ensure those goals and standards are met. Track and report progress on university-wide goals to leadership.
  • Identify, support, and coordinate opportunities to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainable operations on campus that may go beyond what is required to meet campus goals.
  • Work collaboratively with the Graham Sustainability Institute on cross-functional sustainability efforts that span academic, research and operational functions of the university.
  • Provide information exchange and be responsible for communicating to internal and external constituents about efforts underway and challenges associated with sustainability work on campus.

 OCS organization chart – click the chart to enlarge