Sustainable Labs


Labs on campus consume huge amounts of energy and produce a lot of waste. In fact, labs can use 5-10 times more energy than office spaces and produce an estimated 5.5 million tons of plastic waste per year (~2% of all plastic waste produced globally). This means there are big upsides in making your lab more sustainable!

We are here to certify your lab as sustainable; provide waste, energy, and purchasing tips; and help you get involved with programs like Lab Reuse and the Freezer Challenge.

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Sustainable Lab Certification

Are you curious about sustainable opportunities for your lab? Are you unsure what actions to take in your workplace for the biggest sustainable impact? The Sustainable Lab certification is for you! 

This self-guided form will allow you to identify opportunities, benchmark against other labs, and connect to resources. This program will ultimately earn you a sustainability rating (from Bronze to Platinum) and public recognition for your efforts!

Once the form is submitted, an OCS staff member will work with you to assess next steps to achieving your sustainability rating.

Safer Chemicals/Green Chemistry 

Additional Action Ideas 

Questions? Email [email protected].

Guidance to identify the most impactful actions for your lab
Specialty recycling programs, packaging waste, and tips to reduce waste on the front end!
Easy equipment adjustments to save energy
How to prioritize sustainability while purchasing supplies and equipment
Donate or receive gently used surplus lab supplies and equipment
A competition to improve your cold storage practices