Energy Management

The Energy Management Program improves the energy efficiency of campus buildings to reduce costs and support U-M’s sustainability goal of reducing greenhouse emissions.

Since 2006, energy use in general fund buildings has decreased by 22% while building space has increased by 2.7 million square feet!

Through energy projects and operational improvements, such as energy conservation measures, our professional staff takes a team-oriented approach to saving energy. Regional Energy Managers are strategically located to cover the 150+ general fund buildings that represent 15.9 million square feet of research laboratories, classrooms, offices, recreational facilities, and performance spaces.

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An initial $15 million investment is underway
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Energy Basics

The backbone of energy management

Settle that debate with your colleagues or roommates once and for all! Learn about the nuances of energy use and conservation in our frequently asked questions and videos.

Promotional Materials
Help people remember everyday energy-saving actions like turning off the lights with FREE posters, stickers, and magnets. Check out our collection of print and digital promotional materials. Thanks for promoting energy conservation!