Workplace Initiatives


Are you a faculty or staff member at U-M Ann Arbor? Are you interested in helping the environment while you work? Departments have many opportunities to help the university meet our sustainability goals!

Sustainable workplace certification is a great place to start. You’ll use our checklist to assess your current practices, then we’ll provide you a customized list of actions to enhance your level of sustainability. It’s a great way to work together and be recognized for your efforts. Check out the Sustainable Offices or Sustainable Labs links to the right. 

If you’re already a certified sustainable workplace or you’d like to form a team to help you achieve certification, try Green Teams. Through this program, we offer personal support and opportunities for deeper engagement with the university’s sustainability initiatives.

How Can We Help You?
Earn certification for your sustainable practices
Earn certification for your lab, participate in Lab Reuse, and get tips
Put your passion to work with a team

Planet Blue Ambassador: This training is the entry point to sustainability at U-M

Host a Zero Waste Event: OCS is here to help by providing compostable ware and expertise

Share Promotional Materials: Display a few posters, magnets, etc. in your workplace—and switch them up regularly to keep things fresh!