Sustainability Goals

As efforts toward university-wide carbon neutrality progress, U-M continues to work toward its 2025 Ann Arbor campus sustainability goals.

Goal Details

The Ann Arbor campus goals encompass Central, Ross Athletic, North, Medical, and East Medical campuses. They do not include any property owned or leased by U-M outside of that area. All of the goals are measured against a FY06 baseline.


The Ann Arbor campus goals—adopted in 2011—were identified through a Campus Sustainability Integrated Assessment process (CSIA). The CSIA was an intensive two-year project led by the Graham Sustainability Institute and the Office of Campus Sustainability involving students, faculty, and staff on faculty-led committees. Participants represented 101 organizational units and 27 academic programs. The purpose of the assessment was to identify long-term sustainability goals that would be ambitious yet potentially attainable.

OCS is responsible for tracking and reporting progress on these goals. 

What's Next?

As the 2025 deadline approaches and U-M’s carbon neutrality efforts advance, teams are evaluating the remaining Ann Arbor campus goals and anticipate developing new goals in areas such as food and waste to meet the university’s commitment to establish goals for a wide range of indirect emission sources (scope 3) by 2025.