Beehner Laboratory
Date Certified: February 5, 2020
The Department of Psychology houses a Core Assay Facility (CAF) dedicated to the assessment of hormones in humans and animals in research studies. A particular focus of the CAF is on the measurement of steroid hormones in saliva samples with radioimmunoassay methods. Other hormones can also be assessed, other substrates can be accommodated, and other methods can be employed. The CAF’s assay services are available to researchers from within the University of Michigan. Researchers may send samples directly to the lab to be assayed by our laboratory technician on a recharge basis. In addition to assay services, the CAF also serves as a training facility for faculty and students who are interested in including measures of hormones and immune system functioning in their research. The Beehner lab studies endocrinology in wild populations of white-faced capuchins in the Taboga forest reserve of Costa Rica and geladas in the Simien Mountains National Park in Ethiopia. At the capuchin field site, we aim to establish a one-of-a-kind, entirely-sustainable, international field station, where we combine a diverse biological field site, featuring an on-site environmental endocrinology laboratory and training facility for Costa Rican students/employees and other personnel from the local community. This unique combination of both forest and laboratory, housed under a “sustainable roof”, managed primarily by Costa Rican nationals, offers an ideal setup for an international field school where training can be offered in each area (field, laboratory, conservation, and sustainability methods).