Healthy Holidays – Wellness and Mindfulness

Please explore these resources from various U-M departments and student organizations:

Resilience for Eco Grief During the Holidays (Wolverine Wellness) – Join Kellie Carbone of Wolverine Wellness for a short video overview of “eco-grief”, how it may surface during the holidays, and strategies for addressing it with your circle of influence, self care, and resilience.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (UHS) – During Michigan’s long, cold winters, some people experience “winter blues” or more severe seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This webpage describes SAD and resources if you think it may be affecting you.

“Sustainable Behaviors” Podcast (Planet Blue Student Leaders) –  Not sure where to start in “greening” your holiday practices? Do changes stress you out? Check out the latest podcast episode, “Sustainable Behaviors,” by U-M’s very own Planet Blue Student Leaders. Your friendly and insightful eco-reps discuss changing the sustainability mindset from deprivation to joy in a way that makes the planet happy.

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